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About Us


Nothing but Monsterous

Monster Journal is an alternative media and creative platform with various content, but we prioritize any issues related to movies and pop culture in general. We write both in English and in Indonesian, depend on the writer skill, will, and mood. Some articles are in English and some others are in Indonesian.

The site is curated, edited and served by an independent, cool, and classy team, that’s why we always try hard to provide high-quality articles for our readers and we will keep doing so. Not only high-quality but we also want to give you many interesting and engaging articles that are suitable for your taste.

Monster Journal was just created in the middle of 2021, the website previously also known as that has been around since 2015. This website is built with good intentions and developed with personal and community approaches so that this website can become a great alternative reading site among many mainstream and independent media out there.

We are nothing but monsterous!

Last but not least, do not believe everything you read, including anything from here. Enjoy and cheers!

Best Regards,

Monster Journal