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Gara-Gara Warisan, An Emotional Roller-Coaster with Great Comedy Punchline

Gara-gara Warisan brings a simple family story into an emotional roller-coaster of family conflict and relationship. It is comforting, sad, and warm. The comedy is well-drafted and placed in the right moment to make the overall story not overly dramatized. The comedy setup and punchlines are simply funny before you realized that the tears already hit you.

Gara-gara Warisan is a family-drama comedy film that packed with family and conflict elements that are easily portrayed with relatable conflicts and simple daily jokes. Despite being directed by a newcomer director (Muhadkly Acho), the film is well-directed and well-scripted thanks to the involvement of Ernest Prakasa as the producer and his cooperation with Starvision who keep to monitor the quality of the film.

Gara-gara Warisan tells the story of a family of 5 who has their own problem but yet suddenly need to overcome it together when the father decided to retire from his Guest House business and to give it to one of his children through a fair management competition that will be voted by all of the employees after some trials.