Monster Journal is an alternative media and creative platform that focuses on pop-culture and entertainment, covering films, series, anime, games, and more. Combined with our passion for art and culture with a special emphasis on high and traditional culture, sets us apart in the digital media landscape. Our commitment to art and culture allows us to celebrate the depth and diversity of human creativity, keeping the values of our ancestors alive, and enriching our readers’ perspectives without being pretentious.

Our  team is dedicated in delivering high-quality articles. We aim to provide engaging and interesting content that resonates with our audience—like a kamehameha to the face! Think of us as your go-to source for all things nerdy, geeky, and otaku. What make us unique is we publish content sometimes in English and sometimes in Indonesian, depending on our mood.

Originally launched as chakraswara.com in 2015, we rebranded to Monster Journal in mid-2021 to better reflect our content and vision. Choosing the right name was as challenging as picking your first Pokémon starter. The word ‘Monster’ comes from its versatility and appearance in many culture and entertainment, make it the right word to showcasing our pop-culture heart. While ‘Journal’ comes from our commitment in providing good-journalism without clickbaits.

Built with good intentions and a strong community approach, Monster Journal strives to be a top alternative reading site and webzine among many mainstream and independent media. Our vision is to become the leading webzine and creative platform that celebrates and nurtures pop-culture and cultural identity, creating a vibrant community for nerds, geeks, and otakus.

While our mission is to advance the pop-culture economy through our pillar values: celebrating pop culture, promoting art and culture, community engagement, and insightful journalism.

Join us as we satisfy your inner nerd, geek, and passion!


What kind of articles do we write?

From blockbuster movies to obscure anime and manga, and from classic games to the latest AAA titles, we'll keep you informed and entertained with features, reviews, and opinion pieces. Let us fulfill your inner nerd, geek, and passion!


Just as a masterful sensei imparts wisdom to their disciple, our reviews will illuminate you into enlightenment. We will guide you through the animation finest tales.
From blockbuster to festival’s niche. From fine romance to adventurous isekai. Even exclusive streaming contents, our reviews are like ancient witchcraft spells.


Our Features delve into the alchemical artistry that transforms your interests into sensations, characters into legends, and sets into enchanted kingdoms. Here you can explore the interesting story of your favourite film, series, anime, comics, games, trends, and also some lists of our favourites


Venture into the labyrinth of thoughts and musings, where our wordsmith wizards craft intricate Essays, Opinions, and Interviews that unravel the mystical threads woven into your favorite films, anime, series, and games. We are passionately championing the supremacy of a particular anime arc or fearlessly questioning the logic of a cinematic universe.


From any unique events, social media conversations, the current cultural trend, to the viral things in our social life. We will bring them to you from our unique and honest point-of-view.


A central information for various topics that are interesting. Beyond the heartbeat of pop-culture, lies a realm where intelligence gathered.

Visit us for for an odyssey of various information from current news to the received press releases.


In the realm of modern entertainment, some classic tales that stand tall across ages are tend to be forsaken.

Kultura is a venture into a forsaken territory, from old-classic-tales to the elegance of cultural performance and the timeless allure of art.


It's where the currents of insight converge and the tapestries of imagination are woven. Delve deeper with essays, opinions, and interviews.

For within this nexus, the essence of pop culture is distilled into wisdom and wonder.




BAND 8-9

Excellent! A contender of the year’s best!

BAND 6-7

Enjoyable and Fun. But not worthy to watch with weekend price.


Not really recommended. Whatch it when there is no option.


It sucks! Don't watch it!


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Monster Journal is a webzine with varied contents. We know very well about who are our main readers, the variety of the contents also make Monster Journal draws attention from larger audiences and larger market.

We always deliver fun, interesting, and engaging contents through our website, that’s what make a lot of people keep visiting our website on daily basis. We also deliver our content not only in Indonesian language but also in English, that make us have a potential to reach global audiences.

More than global readers in the human world, we also believe that our website reaches demons, monsters, elves, orcs, and even the nether realms. WHY? Because this website is made by a Demon Lord level 99! (Go away mere human!)

Well, we would be delighted to share with you our credentials for commercial opportunities. For further information please reach us through our e-mail above or read more here.


We would like to inform you that we are very happy if there is anyone who wants to contribute for our website. You guys can become a contributor for this website by writing any article that you like, anything that excites you or anything that you already mastered!

Either it is how to cast a thunder bolt, how to master shuriken, how to tame a dragon, or even best RPG game on your list! Whatever it is, just send us an email! Make sure it is good and interesting… do not worry, because even if you think your article is not good enough, we can always send you our feedback for you to reshape the article!

Send your article via email to: yourofficial.monster[at]gmail.com
subject: Article Pitch!

Dont forget to give us also your name and the link to your social media!

Also, please attach your article file on your email, do not write the article in the body email or else the troops of undead will go to your home! Read more here!

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