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Did you know that everything inside this website ( is published with good intention? If you dont know, now you know!

  • We never mean to harm any parties, we are just being truthful of our own opinion. It might be hurt, but we convey truth nevertheless.
  • We are not responsible for any information misuses that any our readers do and say.
  • We always give the best effort, but we are not responsible for any damages that the articles in this website cause to harm you. If we say that your movies or series are sucks, then they are sucks. (In our opinion)
  • Some of our feature articles have footnotes and citations to the original articles, you can check the link to make sure the accuracy of the articles in
  • We are not responsible for any mistakes that was made by the original resources.
  • You are forbid to copy any article in this website without giving any link back to the original article. Please appreciate our hard work by giving link to our article, because we do so also.
  • For reviews, the writer is always written after the last paragraph of every article in this website. We are not always putting the writer name for the list articles and feature roundtable articles.
  • We are not responsible for the mistake created by contributor, but you can report the mistake to us and we will ensure to convey the mistakes to the responsible writer for their learning lessons.
  • When you enter this website than means you already agree with all disclaimer rules that we already set.

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*this policy was last updated on :  March 24, 2022


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