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The Lobster, The Kind of Dystopian Movie We Need

To mention just few dystopian movies recently, with a huge cinematic universe and commercial success, we will must face a battle between the authority and the resistance —strange world with weird colored sky whom the people love fighting. Believe me, there will always be a huge fight. Jump off from the helicopter, kill a giant robot. Everything is goose-bumping. But what if we enter a weird world, not to kill giant robots or zombies, instead, to seek for love? Then, The Lobster is a really kind of dystopian movie we need.

To call it as a dystopian, we must follow the authority, in here, The City. In the first place, The City makes a creepy rule: being single is prohibited, find a partner or you will be transformed into an animal. So, The City “facilitated” the people who are single or just divorced to go to The Hotel.