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10 Essential Clothings For Men’s Wardrobe

Impression is important. Well, at least a lot of people said that it is, and maybe you also often hear somethings similar. There are a lot of ways to impress others, and one of them is through your fashion. Your outfit speaks.

There are many ways for dudes to dress up theirselves, and a lot of them can go wrong. But actually, it is not very hard to be right with your outfits. You can keep rocking with some basic stuffs.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal,” an infamous quote by Yves Saint Laurent. Season comes, season goes, trend comes, and also goes. But some stuffs are timeless, classic, and versatile. These are 10 clothings which are essential for men’s wardrobe in my opinion.

Remember, these are clothings. So, there is no shoes, and accessory. And also i don’t mantion underwear in the list below, cause it is a basic and very important stuff… and i don’t need to explain why, right?

  1. Jeans

Jeans is something that every man should have. It goes well with almost everything, from plain white tee to blazer or even coat. There are a lot of color variation on jeans, from light blue which looks classic and street-wise to dark blue or black which is look trendy, casual, and edgy.

You don’t know where to start? Have more than one pair of jeans in your wardrobe. A distressed blue jeans for your daily street style, dark blue jeans for your night-out, if you have more money buy a black one to make you feel like a rockstar.

  1. Chinos

You won’t wear jeans everyday on every occasion right? Then, buy an alternative.

A great alternative to jeans and if you want to keep comfortable, a slim pair of chinos is the most ideal thing for you. Same things go with chino, it goes well with almost everything. It can goes with t-shirt, button down shirt, hoodie, cardigan, coat, you name it and you can still rock it.

  1. Nice Tees

Nice tees also can goes with everything you own. But, what does it mean by nice tees? It means that the tees are made by good quality cotton, because they feel nice on your skin and anything sub-par can worn out after just a few washings.

But, there are a lof of tees out there with different style and pattern. Just go with some basic and classic stuffs. Plain tees (white, grey, or black) and if you want more buy ones with a picture of rock band or a quote, just forget some strange patterns.

  1. White Shirt

White shirt also has a high versatility.  You can go casual, smart casual, or even formal to go on a lot of occasions. From going to work, lunch date, dinner, wedding, drinking, and many more. You can wear your white shirt under a suit, blazer, cardigan, or sweater. Not only with troussers, but you can wear it with chinos or even jeans.

  1. Casual Shirt with Pattern

You won’t wear your white shirt on every occasion. Sometimes you want just to dress down and be comfortable. Go with a shirt which has casual vibes and not-loud pattern.

Go with checkered/square pattern or stripes pattern. You can go more street style with jeans or chinos and your nice tees. You can still look cool without even buttoning your shirt and show of the badass rock band picture on your tee.

  1. Denim Jacket

Still not satisfied with your tees or your shirt? Wear a jacket. Denim Jacket is very versatile, it goes well with tees or shirt. It even also goes well with almost any pants, jeans, chinos, and even shorts. You can go very street, or casual. With some patches you can go rock-ish or even punk-ish.

Dress up yourselves a little bit with a denim jacket, and show a little bit rebellious looks. Don’t be afraid to wear denim jacket with a pair of jeans. It’s cool and it’s bad boy.

  1. Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is such classic. It is also versatile, you can dress it up or even dress it down. Leather jacket also has a good durability, it wil last for a lifetime and it will never go out of style.

From World War’s Pilots, The Ramones, Marlon Brando, Indiana Jones, and Han Solo, they all are wearing leather jacket. And what do you think about them? Yeah, they are manly, cool, and look dependable. A tips for you, just like a suit, find the right size for your body.

  1. Sweater

A sweater is also a must have item in your wardrobe. You won’t wear your denim and your leather jacket everyday right? Sometimes you want to look neater, more cleat-cut, and more suave without a suit. Sweater is the right outfit. Also you might need it when it’s too hot to wear a leather jacket or a suit, but it’s too cold to just wear a tee or a shirt.

Sweater also can become a good layer before you wear your suit. There are so many sweater out there. But find one with basic color, either it is grey, navy blue, or black. For the type of the neck, just go with crewneck or v-neck.

  1. Suit

Suit is an essential. Even if you work from home or in a casual creative office, you need a suit. Why? Because you never know when will you attend a wedding or a funeral or maybe business dinner.

The most important thing from a suit is that your suit should be well tailored and fit perfectly to your body. Not skinny also not oversize, just right.

  1. Swimming Trunks

Okay, swimming ia an activity which never go outdates. Have at least one, because summer, beach, swimming pool not only come once, they still come next year, and the next, and the next year.

Also who knows you might be need them in unknown situation.

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