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Pick List: Movies From the First Half of 2019

Welcome to The Pick List. This is the place where i write about the list of my favourite movies according to a certain theme. This time the theme is “Movies from the First Half of 2019”. Listed below may not contain critically best movies, because i pick them according to my personal taste.

The movies below are those which aired in cinemas in Indonesia, i do not list the movie that is not aired in Indonesia or the movie that i have not watched. So here checks the list below.

Parasite (by Bong Joon Ho)

Parasite is a dark comedy turn into thriller drama movie. The movie successfully won Palme D’Or with the story of a poor family who try to con the rich family so the whole poor family can work for them and get paid to keep living.

The movie has a simple premise, despite the simplicity, the movie is rich with feeling. It is funny, it is thrilling, and it is mysterious. The movie elegantly shows the concept of survival of the fittest among the poor.


Avengers: Endgame (by Russo Brothers)

The 22nd film of Marvel Cinematic Universe finally complete the saga with the death of several main characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, and Vision, also the Captain who become old. Endgame pick up the story 5 years after Thanos snapped his finger and turn half of the earth into dust, but again Avengers is back to save the planet.

Endgame shows perfectly how a saga should end. Avengers: Endgame is not only acted as a conclusion of a long saga but also as a kaleidoscope, and a fresh start to a new journey. Endgame is a time machine-like movie that conclude 11 years of journey.


Shazam! (by David F. Sandberg)

Shazam might be the turning point for DC Extended Universe project, it successfully exceed people expectation about the movie. Shazam tells a story about a kid named Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who become a superhero in an adult body. Shazam shows the life of a rookie superhero who still trying to find out about his super power.

Shazam is unique. As a superhero movie it doesn’t really go over the board with its action and CG, but it’s still fun and exciting just like any other superheroes movies. It is a friendly superhero movie, it is heartwarming and als0 funny.




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