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Gara-Gara Warisan, An Emotional Roller-Coaster with Great Comedy Punchline

Gara-gara Warisan brings a simple family story into an emotional roller-coaster of family conflict and relationship. It is comforting, sad, and warm. The comedy is well-drafted and placed in the right moment to make the overall story not overly dramatized. The comedy setup and punchlines are simply funny before you realized that the tears already hit you.

Gara-gara Warisan is a family-drama comedy film that packed with family and conflict elements that are easily portrayed with relatable conflicts and simple daily jokes. Despite being directed by a newcomer director (Muhadkly Acho), the film is well-directed and well-scripted. It thanks to the involvement of Ernest Prakasa as the producer and his cooperation with Starvision who keep to monitor the quality of the film.

Gara-gara Warisan tells the story of a family of 5 who has their own problem but yet suddenly need to overcome it together. It starts when the father decided to retire from his Guest House business and to give it to one of his children through a fair management competition that will be voted by all of the employees after some trials.

Dahlan (Yayu Unru) is a father of three who owns a guest house. His eldest, Adam (Oka Antara) was a rising star football player when he was a kid but now, he works as a call-center service and already has his own family. The second is Laras (Indah Permatasari), she is managing a nursing home which soon lose its financial support. Laras is portrayed as a hardworking woman with ambition. She left her home due to her rejection towards her new stepmom.

The youngest is Dicky (Ge Pamungkas) who is unemployed but sometimes doing a seasonal band gig at cafes along with his girlfriend. Dicky is portrayed as a little bit spoiled and somehow he falls in his life to become a drug user.

Trailer from Starvision Plus

Gara-gara Warisan is quite unique. Instead of family drama film focus on great and fair parents, this film focusses on the side of how a father treat their family unfairly. It also creates jealously among the children. The natural setup makes the character background looks perfect, like how a normal family looks like.

In the first five minutes we already introduced with a conflict background of this film, that the father is having preferential treatment to his youngest and always ask his eldest to give up in favour of his youngest.

Long story short, his children all now grown-up and live afar from their family. One day, the father decides to retire from his business and wants one of his children to take care of the business of guest house. To know who is his successor, they are all tested to manage the guest house before all the staffs vote for the best one.

This film has a heavy family element, the story and all the conflicts revolved around the family. The relationship between father and their children, the preferential treatment towards the youngest, the daughter who does not like his step-mother, and the brotherhood among the children.

Courtesy of Starvision

Despite there are a lot of conflicts relations, but it does not feel over-dramatic or too much since all of them rooted to one thing, a family. It doesn’t feel to packed at all. The film is crafted very well so there is enough room for people to understand the background. It is also easy to understand the reason first before the problem arise.

This film is also showing an emotional roller-coaster, since all the problems feel realistic and relatable at the same time. So, it makes us understand about how the problem arise and why it happened. It is sad, it is touching, it is love, and it doesn’t fell too heavy nor greasy. It thanks to the comedy setup that is also simple yet always come in the right moments.

This film has a great balance of comedy and drama. By story and plot, it is basically a family drama film with comedy along its way. The comedy is not just a filler, but also become great setups before the conflict appear as a punchline. Sometimes the comedy punchline also connected to how the conflict may play out in the next scenes.

On the other hand, there is also a point that is need to be addressed. The story feels kinda repetitive. How the plot of the story play, the family elements, and the comedy feels similar to Ernest’s previous success, Cek Toko Sebelah, but this one without Chinese-related jokes. Ernest skills in creating a family drama film is no doubt excellent, but he needs to evolve and play outside of his comfort.


Our Score (7.5/10)


Title: Gara-Gara Warisan
Production: Starvision Plus
Director: Muhadkly Acho
Screenwriter: Muhadkly Acho
Casts: Oka Antara, Indah Permatasari, Ge Pamungkas, Yayu Unru, Ira Wibowo, Lukman Sardi, Lydia Kandou



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