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Warkop DKI Reborn : Jangkrik Boss Part 2, Still Failed to Impress

At first, after watched the first part (read the review here) of the movie i decided not to watch the second part. But since i have a lot of free time, i decided to watch it anyway even though i know that the second part also would be joyless and no jam.

Almost two weeks after it premiered, there are still many people who watch this movie. Beside me and my friend, there are around 15 other peoples inside the cinema. I entered the cinema when the screen still showed some ads, for a very long time. And then there are also some trailers. What caught my eyes was the trailer of Jomblo.

From the trailer i saw that the concept of the new Jomblo is still similar to Jomblo (2006), with different casts and some of the backgrounds. It is quiet interesting since the director is Hanung Brahmantyo, but some of the casts are quite disappointing especially the two stand-up comedian who have a lot of fans but so far have never shown a great skill of acting yet.

The long ads and trailer really annoyed me because my drink was already a half before the movie started.

Okay, back to the topic.

The last scene of the Part 1 left where the quartet Dono (Abimana Aryasatya), Kasino (Vino G. Bastian), Indro (Tora Sudiro), and Sophie (Hannah Al Rashid) searching for an unknown lady in red who accidentally take the quartet’s luggage.

The story of this movie picks up where the first part left. Finding the bag that was took by a mysterious lady in red, she is Nadia (Nur Fazura). And then hunting treasure in an uninhabited island.

I do not really get what the story is. The whole story is plotless, the comedy is not funny, the adventure is boring, the twist is nonsense, the dialogue is absurd, some of the scenes are forced to be exist to adjust the duration, the CG is sucks, and the acting of some extras are bad.

Luckily that the main casts are great actors that show some great acting skills and great presence. But unfortunately, even those great actors’ presence can not save the movie.

When i watched the movie, most of times i was wondering about what is going on and then i was like ‘damn, is it seriously like this?’. In the middle of movie i was busy holding back my stomach ache for around 15 minutes, i was also busy picking up some coins that i accidentally dropped when i took my phone out before i checked instagram.

I remember that i laughed two times throughout the movie. The first was in Soto part, and the second was the ending bloopers which funnier than the whole movie. In short, Jangkrik Boss part 2 is still failed to impress and no different than the first part.


Our Score (3/10)



Title                       : Warkop DKI Reborn : Jangkrik Boss! Part 2
Production           : Falcon Pictures
Director                : Anggy Umbara
Story                     : Anggy Umbara, Bene Dion Rajagukguk, Andi Awwe Wijaya
Casts                     : Tora Sudiro, Vino G. Bastian, Abimana Aryasatya, Hannah Al Rashid, Nur Fazura, Babe Cabita, Indro Warkop, Ence Bagus




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