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Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap (2022)

This film tells the story of Mak Domu (Tika Panggabean) and Pak Domu (Arswendy Beningswara Nasution), a husband and wife from the Batak tribe who miss their three sons who immigrate to Java for years. The three children actually miss their mother but not their father, because Pak Domu often asks them to live according to Batak customary law, which his three children don’t want.

The first children Domu (Boris Bokir Manullang), has problem that he decided to marry a Sundanese woman Which is different from the wish of his father who wanted him to marry someone from the same ethnicity. The second child Gabe (Lolox) became a great actor in one comedy show but his father don’t like his job as comedian because according to his father his job as a comedian is a job that he can’t be proud of, unlike judge or lawyer.

The youngest of all Sahat (Indra Jegel) who stay in Yogyakarta which being displeasure from his father, because in Batak custom the youngest son has to stay at their parent’s home and take care of both parents. Meanwhile, he is more comfortable to stay in Yogyakarta and refuse to come home.

Imajinari Visionari

Long story short, Pak Domu and Mak Domu contacted their three children who were in Java to ask them to come back home. The request was based on the longing feeling of Mak Domu who miss her children, then Pak Domu to speak directly so that his three children would follow his wishes, and to attend a traditional party that was held at the house of Pak Domu’s parents.

But still the three children did not want to come back home. In order to get his three children home, Mr. Domu also asked Mak Domu to play an act by saying that they were going to divorce. This is solely so that the three children would go back home, at least to help resolve the problem of their parents so they don’t get divorced. Pak Domu’s intention was also approved by Mak Domu.

They did a divorce play, which their three children responded by immediately returning to their hometown. Domu and his three younger siblings while at home immediately made efforts to immediately reconcile their troubled parents. But it didn’t work because Pak Domu and Mak Domu agreed that this play would continue until the traditional party held by Pak Domu’s parents was over. The efforts of Domu, Gabe and Sahat always failed so they had no choice but to attend the traditional party. After the traditional party, Domu, Gabe and Sahat decide to go home even though their parents still insist on getting a divorce.

Imajinari Visionari

Problems became worse when Mak Domu, exposed their play in front of his children who were arguing with Pak Domu. At that time, Pak Domu continued to impose his will on his three sons. Disappointment with Pak Domu act, Domu and his brothers decided to return to Java. In the midst of sadness due to the departure of his 3 children back to Java, the reality emerged where Sarma (Ghita Bhebita) was the only daughter in the family who sacrificed fully for the freedom of her 3 siblings.

The conflict became worse where Mak Domu, who was pretending to be acting with Pak Domu suddenly decided to tell the truth and decided to really go and return to his mother’s house and leave Pak Domu alone. Pak Domu who was abandoned by all family members began to feel loss, loneliness and a deep sense of regret for everything he had done to his children and wife. Pak Domu then began to realize that he could not force his will. He also gave permission to his three children to make choices. Pak Domu and his three sons went to Mak Domu’s house to ask him to come home.

The advantage that is seen first in this film is of course the background about the Batak culture which gives its own color. Through the cultural background of the Batak family, the audience is introduced to several conditions that actually make this film interesting.

Imajinari Visionari

Discussing the comedy in this film has a very fresh impression. The comedy in the movie Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap is not too much. On the other hand, all the comedy elements in this film fit and feel in harmony with the story plot of the film, it can even be said that the timing of the comedy in this film is very good and of course very funny to watch. Technical images in this film when viewed from the eyes of ordinary people can be said to be very beautiful and good to see. Several times we were shown a very beautiful view of Lake Toba, besides that there was one scene where the conflict in the family peaked, there was a very extraordinary way of taking pictures.

The weakness in this film is the lack of a deeper story about each character. Everything is only told at the end of the film so that sympathy for the existing characters is not too felt. In addition, after the middle of the film, the storyline seems a little boring with some scenes that are not very memorable. The acting still looks a little stiff, In conclusion, overall this film is good to watch and provides another perspective on an Indonesian tradition and culture. The essence of the story that is shown gives a very positive and memorable impression for people who watch this film.


Our Score: 8.5/10


Title: Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap
Production: Imajinari Visionari Film Fund
Director: Bene Dion Rajagukguk
Screen Writer: Bene Dion Rajagukguk
Cast: Arswendy Nasution, Tika Panggabean, Boris Bokir, Gita Bhebita, Lolox, Indra Jegel, Rita Martu Mona, Indah Permatasari, Pritt Timothy, Paulus Simangunsong


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