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Detective Conan, The Bride of Halloween (2022)

The 25th movie of Detective Conan is possibly the best one in the last 10 years. Detective Conan movies have been going a little bit shallow in the last few years, some of them are lack of depth, some lack of creativity, and some lack of characters involvement. The Bride of Halloween bring back the depth of the story from early Conan’s movies.

The Bride of Halloween starts by showing the marriage ceremonial of the police couple, Inspector Takagi and Miwako, where later some intruders suddenly enter the church and start to attack the couple with pistols. Takagi protects Miwako by blocking the bullet that resulting in him getting hurt… but then actually the attack is just a drill training, and the intruders are also part of police force. They train on how to protect a wedding ceremony from a terror attack.

The part where Takagi was shot reminds Miwako of her previous partner, Matsuda, a bomb diffuser expert who died during mission of diffusing bomb at a theme park. Matsuda was success in guessing the location of next bomb, but the price was he had to die from the first bomb explosion since the clues for the next bomb only appear right before the bomb exploded.

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After few years, the bomber who killed Matsuda was then successfully captured by Takagi and Edogawa Conan during the same bomb terror in the same place as previous cases that killed Matsuda. Before the bomb is exploded, Conan successfully guessing the location of the next bomb and the bomber was finally captured.

The opening scene is the introduction of the main case of the movie, a bomb terror to a bride-to-be and groom-to-be during the preparation of their wedding day. The present time bomber who goes by the alias of Plamya is still related with the bomber who killed Matsuda and then captured by Conan.

Toru Amuro or also known as Zero was on a mission to capture a bomber who run away, the bomber who killed Matsuda. Unluckily, during the capture he got played by Plamya and caught himself with a bomb around his neck that make him limit his movement. Now he needs help to solve the bombing case from Plamya then he calls Conan to help him in solving the on-going case of Plamya.

Courtesy of TMS Entertainment

The 25th instalment of Detective Conan the movie might be the best one in the last 10 years. It has what it takes to be a good Detective Conan’s movie. A throw back to a memorable past event or story, link back to the original main plot in the anime amd manga, deep involvement of important characters, and a thrilling process of problem solving. The Bride of Halloween has it all.

The story of Matsuda also might be one of the best sub-plot in the universe of Detective Conan, and this movie suddenly give some enlightment on how the character can involve further and what relationship he had with his friends. The use of Matsuda character is a great choice that this movie made.

Run and Kogoro Mouri also do not have a lot of involvement in this movie as they are one of the main characters in the main plot, it is just right to put them aside now and give highlight to character like Matsuda, Zero or Toru, and Date. Just like any other Conan the movies that give highlight to Kaito Kid, Black Gang Organization, Detective Kids, or Heiji Hatori.

Detective Conan – The Bride of Halloween bring back the fun, the thrill and the importance of other characters that early Detective Conan the movie used to have but then forgotten around in the last 10 movies. It gives more anticipation on how the next movie will turn out.


Our Score (8/10)


Title: Detective Conan – The Bride of Halloween
Studio: TMS Entertainment
Director: Susumu Mitsunaka
Screenwriter: Takahiro Okura



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