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Radar’s List: Top 5 Moments in Dragon Ball Z

It is hard to not know Dragon Ball as an anime fan. Even across the general public, Dragon Ball is one of the most famous TV franchises that a lot of people are familiar with. Across every chapter in the manga, every episode in the TV series, every character trait, battle action, and superpower, you’ll find something that has influenced the Shonen series that came after it, all the way up to modern day manga and anime.

With the fame of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama as the creator of Dragon Ball, become an important figure in Japanese animation industry. As few days ago, it was announced that Akira Toriyama has died at the age of 68. News of Toriyama’s passing was made public by the X account from official Dragon Ball Z on March 7. According to the statement, Toriyama died due to an acute subdural hematoma.

Dragon Ball Z is a pop-culture cornerstone, a masterwork that many are inspired by. Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of aspects that make it great from the battles to the buildup and climax of drama and everything in between. We are trying to narrow it down into several of the best moments from Dragon Ball Z. Here is the Radar’s List!

First Super Saiyan Transformation

It was one of the best DBZ moments. During the fight with Freiza, many of Goku’s allies were killed including his weak best friend, Krillin. Then the Saiyan warrior couldn’t contain his rage any longer. Through his anger and roar, Goku unleashed the hidden power he possessed to become a Super Saiyan.

Gohan vs Cell

Gohan’s fight with Cell was an emotional rollercoaster in a lot of ways. Gohan in a child form already a prodigy Saiyan warrior and he was pretty much a powerful force, but he lacks experience. Also his naivety and overconfidence ended up landing him in a rough spot when he was fighting Cell. One of best actions during the battle was when Gohan launched a Kamehameha with the help of Goku’s spirit who was already died.

Trunks x Goten Fusion

The first son of Bezita and the youngest son of Goku were a comical duo during the series. One of their best comical moments was during the attempt of fusion among both of them. The Goku’s force were in a time of Buu’s terror. To defeat Bhu, Trunks and Goten were training their fusion under the guidance of Picollo. The process was hilarious, one moment they became fat, or super skinny before they got into the right form.

Mr. Satan’s Tenka Ichi Budokai

Mr. Satan is a distinguish comical character in Dragon Ball story. One of his funniest sagas was during the Tenka Ichi Budokai competition. On many Tenka Ichi Budokai, Mr. Satan always win some of the matches even the tournaments through underhanded tricks like when he faced Android no.18. His match against Trunks also one to remember, as Trunks finished Mr. Satan in one punch and then he acted like he gave Trunks an easy win.

Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb versus Buu

Super Spirit Bomb was a final move from Goku to kill the Kid Buu. After Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 was defeated due to exhaustion, Bezita tried to find a way to defeat the Kid Buu. The plan is Goku to make a Super Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu with the help of all humans from earth to transfer their energy by putting their hands up. Mr. Satan did help by ensuring all human that the act is indeed to defeat Buu.

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