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Pick List: Movies from The Second Half of 2018

Welcome to The Pick List. This is the place where i write about the list of my favourite movies according to a certain theme. This time the theme is “Movies from the Second Half of 2018”. Listed below may not contain critically best movies, because i pick them according to my personal taste.

The movies below are those which aired in cinemas in Indonesia, i do not list the movie that is not aired in Indonesia or the movie that i have not watched. So here checks the list below.

Wiro Sableng: Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 (by Angga Dwimas Sasongko)

Wiro Sableng is a good and entertaining movie, it can be a new standard of Indonesian fantasy action movie with its exotic CGI, well-crafted action scenes supported by perfect camera angle to capture every movement as well as the background view of 16th century Indonesia. Also the production designs of the movie are enchanting.

As a blockbuster movie, the main narrative of the story is actually quite simple but Wiro Sableng has it all such as a visually pleasing world, realistic CGI, well-crafted choreography, and beautiful costumes. As the movie teases about its sequel, the movie can be believed to head into a better direction.


Milly & Mamet: Ini Bukan Cinta dan Rangga (by Ernest Prakasa)

Milly & Mamet: Ini Bukan Cinta dan Rangga is a new side story in the universe of AADC which was rised in the early 2000 by the legendary story of Cinta and Rangga. Milly & Mamet has a different vibe and approach from Rangga & Cinta’s. The movie is funny with a lot of humour without any dramatic twist and conflicts.

The romance of Rangga from AADC is phenomenal, but Milly & Mamet show us that love is not only about flowery words, romance, sadness, and drama. In love, there are jokes, cuteness, passion and also in-laws relationship. With fresh characters, funny stories, and well-executed plot, Milly & Mamet is an endearing love story.


Crazy Rich Asian (by Jon M. Chu)

Watching Crazy Rich Asians is like watching a drama-romance Chinese movie in the age of imperialism. Its world is so bright and lavish with an endearing visually appeal that provides an intoxicating rush that makes it feel fresh. The movie is meticulous and hilariously alert to social structures, social pressure, family dynamics, idealism and money.

Crazy Rich Asians doesn’t give a big statement about inclusion, it also doesn’t preach about love or social structure. It simply tells an endearing story of a fizzy fantasy romcom. It is hugely enjoyable and delightful.




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