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Review, Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 (2018)

In the first two season with Shokugeki no Soma or Food Wars in english, the anime has proved the result to be one of the best food cooking animes with the touch of classic shounen genre. Shokugeki no Soma shows battles between chefs to determine the more masterly chef.

Shokugeki no Soma tells the story of Yukihira Soma a teenage boy who dream to be a great chef and open his own diner. There is no better place to learn about food than Totsuki Culinary Academy, the linchpin of Japan’s culinary world that produce so many world-class chefs. Soma enter Totsuki High School as a transfer student and face many challanges to follow his dream. The acadamy is famous of this one unique system called Shokugeki, the official cooking battle between students.  

The third season of anime Shokugeki no Souma in english is still surprising with its classic shounen packaging. Even though it’s not better than the two previous seasons but it’s still great.

A knife in the right hand and another cooking tool on his left. The pace is fast, the scene is moving dynamically, and slick smiles, the vibe is still the same. It is like a battle between samurais. This season tells a strory about Soma who wants to challange the Elite 10 and become one of them.

The story of this season is amazing and it is quite unpredictable. As always, the competition between Soma and his targets is always intense, and so do the shokugekis. At first the Elite 10 is introduced but then in the middle of story a new villain is introduced that change the whole plot. The twist with the new villain, Azami Nakiri, is making the story unpredictable and more dynamic. 

Shokugeki no Soma has a huge cast because no one died since the first season, well of course because it is a food cooking anime, and in this third season more casts are introduced like the Elite 10 and Azami Nakiri. This is the amazing part of this anime, it has a huge cast but somehow manages to make every character useful. Every character matters because sooner or later they will have screentime with some purposes.

Both the Elite 10 and Azami Nakiri are presented in the best way possible. In the very anime-esque way the anime shows the Elite 10 are actually elite, especially Eishi Tsukasa the first seat holder in the Elite 10, and why Azami is the new poisonous villain. Sometimes their characteristic is exaggerated or even nonsense, but they are villain and have some personal goals, that’s all that matters.

If there is something lack in this season of Shokugeki no Soma is the decresing level of animation quality. This season lacks of significant detail of animation compared to the first season, so do the fan services.

Sokugeki no Soma is like a simple well-known food, the receipt is simple but to make it always good everyday is hard. After all, Shokugeki no Soma can pull it together with good seasoning, the attractive story that can hype people up.

Our Score: 6.5/10

Title : Shokugeki no Soma
Genre : School life, Shounen, Ecchi
Original Story : Yuto Tsukuda (Manga)
Total Episode : 24
Status : Finished, Continue to Season 4
Anime Studio : J.C. Staff

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