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Review, Wiro Sableng: Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 (2018)

Wiro Sableng is one of the most well-known television series in the 90s along with some others local wariors such as Si Buta Dari Goa Hantu (Blind Warrior from the Ghost Cave), Jaka Tinkir, etc. Wiro Sableng is originally from a comic book created by the late Bastian Tito and now the title is adapted into a movie.

The movie is titled Wiro Sableng: Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 (Wiro Sableng: The Fire-Dragon Axe 212 Warrior) and it is brought into existence by Lifelike Pictures in collaboration a Hollywood giant, 20th Century Fox. The movie is directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko (Letters From Prague, Bukaan 8, Filosofi Kopi).

Wiro Sableng is a good and entertaining movie, it can be a new standard of Indonesian fantasy action movie with its exotic CGI and well crafted action scenes that overcome some flaws that the movie have.

The story of Wiro Sableng is set in 16th century Indonesia. Wira or later known as Wiro Sableng (Vino G. Bastian) is the pupil of a martial arts master named Sinto Gendeng (Ruth Marini). His teacher told him to bring back Mahesa Birawa (Yayan Ruhian), the pupil who betrayed his teacher.

In his journey to find Mahesa Birawa, Wiro met with some friends, Anggini (Sherina Munaf) and Bujang Gila Tapak Sakti (Fariz Alfarizi). Wiro and his friends then tangled in a political coup d’etat where some rebels wanted to seize the Javanese throne. On the journey, Wiro and his friends found the essence of being a true warrior.

The movie has an exotic visual with its CGI, although sometimes the CGI looks ordinary but most of times the CGI are visually pleasing and also the light-coloured costumes also well-fit with the background set. The production designs of the movie are enchanting.

The action scenes are also well-crafted and especially supported with perfect camera angle to capture every movement as well as the background view of 16th century Indonesia. The main narrative of the story is actually quite simple but it’s not decreasing the fun. The simple story is supported with its enchanting production designs.

The contents of the dialogue are also need to be appriciated, Tumpal Tampubolon and Sheila Timothy are supported by Indonesian senior writer, Seno Gumira Ajidarma, make the dialogue with good and formal languages but doesn’t sound rigid and cheesy. The plot is straight-forward poetic justice action mixed with political turmoil in the background.

Beside some minor flaws, the only major flaws that the movie has is its execissive characters. There are a lot of characters in this movie whose charms do not really shown throughout the movie. The character development in this movie is still weak. When the movie reached its end, it can be felt that the movie has so many characters.

Despite all the flaws, as a blockbuster movie, Wiro Sableng has it all such as a visually pleasing world, realistic CGI, well-crafted choreography, and beautiful costumes. As the movie teases about its sequel, the movie can be believed to head into a better direction.


Our Score (7.5/10)


Title                     : Wiro Sableng: Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212
Directed by         : Angga Dwimas Sasongko
Production          : Lifelike Pictures, 20th Century Fox
Writers                : Tumpal Tampubolon, Sheila Timothy, and Seno Gumira Ajidarma
Original Story    : Bastian Tito
Casts                    : Vino G. Bastian, Sherina, Fariz Alfarizi, Yayan Ruhiyan, Dwi Sasono, Lukman Sardi


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