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Top 5 DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

Set in the vast and mysterious world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact as many have already known is an RPG which combines amazing lore, world building and elemental combat with insane amounts of grinding. Speaking of combat, Genshin Impact also follows the so called “party building template” most RPGs have and is thus no different from other RPGs when building a team with each character having their own roles, in Genshin, it’s classified as either Main DPS, Sub DPS, Supports, which can branch out to healer, shielder or elemental resistance shredder  

Despite the importance of supports and healers in the current Genshin meta, a main DPS (damage per second) is more often than not, the core and main driving force of the team, since they are the ones dishing out the most damage and thus more often than not have a very lucrative and interesting playstyle therefore at times, looks more enticing than supports (not to say that all supports are bland).  

Aside from interesting kits and unique playstyle, main DPS, since they’re important in a team, are designed pretty uniquely as well. Not just talking about their visual appearance in general, but their unique skill animation and such therefore it’s no surprise that main DPSes are usually everyone’s star in a team composition and heavily sought out for. And so, without further ado, here’s my take on the Top 5 Main DPS of Genshin Impact. 

  1. Arataki Itto

Element: Geo
Weapon: Claymore 

The leader of the oh-so-mighty Arataki Gang. The clumsy, dumb and ever comedic Itto comes in at number 5 for his extremely easy to use kit while being able to dish out a huge amount of damage. Itto is also very easy to build as he scales off of Defense meaning that the more defense stats we have on him, the harder he hits, making it much less of a hassle to build him. 


  1. Eula 

Element: Cryo
Weapon: Claymore 

A descendant of a wretched clan who planned to takeover Monsdtadt, Eula was hated by nearly everyone in the city. However, that may not be the case outside the city as the fans absolutely love her both designwise an ability to dish out insane damage – currently, she holds the record for the highest damage achieved (7 million by youtuber Tony To) 

Despite her being a Cryo claymore user, her build focuses entirely on physical damage but despite that, it’s what makes her shine as a DPS. One thing that might be a dealbreaker for most is that it might be frustrating when her Burst doesn’t crit since it’s her main source of damage. 


  1. Hu Tao

Element: Pyro
Weapon: Polearm 

Coming up at number 3 is none other than the single target damage queen herself, Hu Tao. Arguably the best pyro DPS in the entire game right now, her playstyle is pretty unique since she sacrifices her HP in exchange for more damage – the lower her health is, the harder she hits which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and a self-healing burst.  

Her playstyle is also pretty unique since it revolves around her charge cancelling (which is basically performing a charge attack while cancelling the unnecessary animation). Again, it might not be everyone’s choice since it requires lots of stamina management, but for those who stick through it, pair her with a consistent hydro applying support and get ready to watch huge numbers fly on your screen. 


  1. Kamiasto Ayaka

Element: Cryo
Weapon: Sword 

The long-awaited Kamisato princess of Inazuma definitely didn’t fail to deliver considering people practically waited and anticipated her release since the early beta test. Ayaka comes in at number 2 due to her insane burst and cryo damage potential and not to mention how easy it is to build her due to her ability to abuse the 4-piece set effect of the Blizzard Strayer since most people would run her in a perma-freeze team. 

Objectively speaking some players might find her sprint to be quite clunky especially for those who have yet to adapt to her insanely slow turn rate compared to other characters and that her sprint is also an important aspect of her kit and if she misses her burst, that’s pretty much 50% of her damage gone. 


  1. Ganyu

Element: Cryo
Weapon: Bow 

Oh boy, to be frank Ayaka and Ganyu were pretty much even when it comes to damage output, but what made Ganyu gain a slight advantage is her being quite likely more flexible than Ayaka in terms of teams, build paths and pretty much easier to use.
Ganyu is a bow user which is self-explanatory – she can easily damage opponents from a safe spot and to add cherry on top, she has a skill that taunts her opponents if she ever gets into a tricky situation. 

To end this list, every player has their own favorite character either design-wise and playstyle-wise. Not all characters are created equal and some might entice certain players while other don’t – and that’s absolutely okay.  

On the other hand, a main DPS is pretty much a staple in every team composition as like mentioned previously, they are the driving force and main damage dealing character in your party therefore is considered a must in every party. Thia liar is just to be used as a reference for the DPS-es worth checking out to either try a new playstyle or complete a party. 

Other than that, play whichever character is your favorite and most importantly, have fun playing the game! 

Joseph Kevin
ig: @josephkevin30


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