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Spy x Family, Wholesome and Heartwarming

A legendary (and single) secret agent, codename twilight who has never failed a single task was given a seemingly ridiculous mission – to have a family all in the name of world peace.

Pretty absurd, no? Well, it gets even more absurd as the agent ends up going to an orphanage to adopt an adorable little girl named Anya who unbeknownst to her father, is a mind reading psychic and ends up “marrying” Yor, an assassin for hire. As bizarre as it seems, the family isn’t dysfunctional – it’s actually the complete opposite. 

The Wit Studio and Cloverworks Studio, Spy x Family’s first season has officially ended and is definitely one worth watching since it’s a really nicely executed anime. To explpian, there are quite a few things to go through, but let’s start with the plot. 

Plot wise, as you might have guessed, it’s definitely not something cliché or any of that sort – this is definitely anti-mainstream if you ask me. Yet somehow it makes for an interesting anime and definitely a well-executed anime. On paper, the plot makes it sound quite insane yet once tuned into, it’s actually really simple, digestible, wholesome and last but not least comedic. 

Courtessy of Wit and Cloverworks

Another point to talk about as to why it’s a really nicely executed and probably the best part of the anime is the characters. Characters here are definitely memorable since they leave a lasting and loveable (and even despicable) impression on viewers. The characters here are presented in a pretty simple fashion and not much of their background has been explained to the viewers just yet. Despite that, each character has their own charm. For example, Anya has this insane cuteness and mind reading ability that definitely becomes her trademark, Twilight (Loid) is this genius secret agent which more often than not will go to certain lengths to make sure that he completes his mission successfully, often conspiring to use blunt methods and last but not least Yor, this seemingly innocent and loving young woman who has a sadistic alter ego. 

Character interactions here are where most of the comedy of the anime source from. Take Anya’s hilarious reactions when reading her mother’s insanely dark and at times brutal thoughts and how she always tries her best to impress her father so that her father won’t abandon her thus leading Loid to be flabbergasted at his daughter’s sudden change of actions after reading Loid’s thoughts. Aside from that, props to the voice actors for doing such a great job at giving these characters live and realism. 

Courtessy of Wit and Cloverworks

Since Wit Studio and Cloverworks are working on the anime together, it’s needless to say that the visuals of this anime are great. The art style of the anime clearly shows Cloverworks trademark style and the animations are fluid to the eye.  

Visuals are never complete without audio, and I must say that they definitely nailed the Spy x Famiy soundtrack. The OP’s title is a trivial tribute to Anya’s love for peanuts yet holds a deeper meaning and the ending has a really catchy and groovy vibe to it yet once again, its lyrics has quite a significant meaning to it. 

Overall, Spy x Family is a really wholesome and heartwarming anime. A simple, anti-mainstream plot with lots of comedy yet has its fair share of seriousness, presented with Cloverworks iconic style of character design as well as fluid animations and music. And last but not least, loveable and memorable characters all make for probably one of the best anime so far. 


 Our score – 10/10


Title: Spy x Family
Wit and Cloverworks Studio
Furuhashi Kazuhiro
Voice Actors
Tanezaki Atsumi, Eguchi Takuya, Hayami Saori


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ig: @josephkevin30


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