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Movies of the First-Half of 2022

After a dark year of 2020 and 2021 for cinema industry due to the strike of the pandemic, we have seen that this year the world and also Indonesia are starting to recover their economic situation as the pandemic is slowing down due to vaccines and other factors such as the awareness of health protocol.

So far throughout the first-half of 2022 we have seen many major hits on the cinema which some of them might the delayed release schedule. This time we want to list our favourite on “Movies from the First-Half of 2022”. The movies listed below are those which aired in cinemas and streaming services in Indonesia, we do not list the movie that is not aired in Indonesia.

Top Gun: Maverick

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick in a word is thrilling, and made for the big screen not for streaming services to maximize the effect and the thrill that the movie is bringing. While it is also selling on the nostalgia of a classic, but Maverick is one of those rare gems. A sequel that is better than the original.

Gara-Gara Warisan

Courtesy of Starvision

Gara-gara Warisan brings a simple family story into an emotional roller-coaster of family conflict and relationship. It is comforting, sad, and warm. The comedy is well-drafted and placed in the right moment to make the overall story not overly dramatized. The comedy setup and punchlines are simply funny before you realized that the tears already hit you.

The Batman

The Batman. Courtesy of Warner Bros Picture

The narrative idea of Batman versus The Riddler is not something fantastical or something anew, it is something that we can see daily in life and on social media. But the story somehow befitted into the movie and crafted well to suit the darkness of Batman movies.



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