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A Basic Guide to Understand e-Sports

Lot of people know Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, L.A Dodgers, L.A Lakers, Chicago Bulls and many other sport teams out there. But have you heard the name of Nigma, Liquid, Fnatic, and OG? Those names might be unfamiliar, but they are about to go into mainstream road in sport or sportainment industry.

Lately, in the recent years, more and more media covering the world of video games. More than 10 years ago, the only entertainment sector that people used to be interested in was music, films, and stupid life of celebrities like who dated who and breakup with who. Only very few coverages about games, but now games releases, tutorials, and secret quests are easier to find.

There might be some people wonder why the world of game gain more and more interest from the public. It’s due to the rise of e-Sports. In short, e-Sports is the collective term used to describe competitive gaming at a professional level, with the top e-Sports players often being the very best in the world at their respective game.

Competitive gaming isn’t a new concept but e-Sports is definitely new and starting to get more acknowledgement from public and decision makers. So, the basic idea is having professional video game players make a living through competitive gaming tournaments, just like traditional sports. Now, e-Sports also already recognized to be part of international sports tournament such as Olympic, and Asian Games.

Just like traditional sports, e-Sports players are also contracted to play for a variety of different organizations, much like football or basketball players would be. These teams practice and compete on their respective game just as a footballer or other sportsperson would too.

Courtesy of ISPO

The rise in this genre of video games comes as the young adult demographic has started to create and control a host of new cultural trends. Specifically essential in this transformation is an evolution of young adults’ fundamental relationship with sports.

How did it start? The story begins in South Korea during the early 2000s. The South Korean government, in an attempt to soften the financial crisis, focused on developing their internet and telecommunications infrastructure. Soon a wildly popular type of social space arose: PC bangs or internet café or computer-game centre. Soon these places began holding formal competitions.

Realizing the incredible market these spaces created, the Korean government got involved and created the Korean eSports Association (KeSPA), the first governmental body dedicated to video game and esports regulation in the world.

Esports are dynamic creations, becoming cultural phenomena which attracts thousands of eager viewers. E-Sports is keep increasing and the sector is keep growing despite the pandemic. It is possible that in the future, e-Sports will growing more and more compare to what it is now.


Sources: gamesradar, HIR, nytimes


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