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5 Luffy Moments That Make Fans Exciting

Recently we have seen how the Straw Hat Pirate rocks the Wano Arc with Luffy introducing Gear 5 that have made the fans hype out and beat Kaido in the final moment. And now, One Piece is entering the Final Saga, they will get into the Egghead Arc or Future Island Arc. Surely one Saga doesn’t only include one arc, but the adventure that Luffy and his friends are going through has been fun and exciting to watch.

One Piece is filled with lots of great and epic scenes that give joy in their fans’ faces. What makes the anime exciting for some people is how badass the main character, Monkey D. Luffy is. Luffy’s actions and decisions can be silly sometimes. But, when he gets serious, it can kindle the excitement of the fans.

More often than not, that excitement comes from the epic scenes that Luffy does for his friends. Whenever His friend needs his help, Luffy is there to help. He always tries his best to not worry his friends too much, even though he still relies on them sometimes. His cleverness, strength and the way he is always humble to his friends make him one of the best shonen characters.

So, without holding any longer, here are 5 Luffy moments that make fans excited.

1. Luffy Awakened Gear 5

Luffy awaken gear 5, courtesy Dexerto

The awaken of Gear 5 is the most recent one in the entry. It got hyped by fans that streaming service Crunchyroll crashed when the episode was released. This epic moment successfully  hooks the attention of anime fans to watch the episode.

After struggling to fight with Kaido’s dragon form, Luffy is at the peak of his defeat. At the last moment, his devil fruit is awakened. Surface surrounding him becomes bouncy like rubber, and the sound of a drum slowly beating in the background, while Luffy laughs and his hair turns white. An epic rematch between Kaido and Luffy then starts, followed by cartoony animation of Luffy deflecting all Kaido’s attacks.

2. Luffy Make Robin Declared That She Want To Live

Nico Robin “I want to live”, courtesy Pintrest

During the time Nico Robin becomes a wanted person by the World Government, she refuses being rescued by Straw Hat Pirate with the reason she doesn’t want to be a burden to her friend. However, Luffy, who valued the power of friendship above all, convinced Robin to declare she wanted to live.

However, it wasn’t enough to just rescue Robin from her captors. Luffy made fans excited when he dramatically ordered Sogeking to attack the flag at Enies Lobby, symbolically declaring war on the World Government and defying them for Nico Robin’s sake.

3. Luffy Activate Gear 2 For The First Time

Luffy using Gear 2 for the first time, courtesy We Got This Covered

Gear 2 is the first power up that Luffy got in the anime. In Enies Lobby Arc, Luffy is having a hard time fighting CP9. During his duel with Blueno in plaza, Luffy shows off his new move and has a duel with Blueno.

After many episodes with the same basic fighting style, he took things to the next level. He was long overdue for a power up, Gear 2: the first of several Gears that he invented for himself to get stronger. Soon, Luffy would use Gears 2 to defeat CP9 for good and rescue Nico Robin.

4. Luffy Defeat Crocodile in Albastra

Luffy beat Crocodile, courtesy Dailymotion

Luffy had already lost twice to the sinister villain Sir Crocodile. If he gave up, all of Alabasta would be lost. So, Luffy charged in for Round 3. 

In the final duel, Luffy was pushed to the brink against his warlord opponent. But, his grit and his determination to save Vivi’s homeland won out.

Luffy delivers a much-deserved beatdown of that saga’s nastiest villain and saves the day at the last possible moment. This was all without the benefit of Haki or the Gears too, since it’s still in the beginning of One Piece.

5. Luffy Gives Nami His Hat

Nami with Luffy’s hat, courtesy Plex

The dirty marine called Nezumi finds out where Nami’s savings are. He then digs up the chest in the orchard while Nami and Dejiko try to fight him and his crew back. Nami realizes it’s Arlong doing and the fight ends badly as Dejiko gets shot by one of them.

While the doctor treats Dejiko’s wound, Nami meets Arlong to talk about the deal. Arlong argues that he did not break any terms of his promise by sending Nezumi after Nami’s treasure. Betrayed, Nami returns to the village, where the townspeople led by Genzo have decided to battle against the Arlong Pirates against her wishes. Knowing their strength is not enough to defeat Arlong, Nami attempts to dissuade them, but the townspeople insist, marching to Arlong Park.

Furious with Arlong’s actions, Nami repeatedly stabs the Arlong Pirates tattoo on her shoulder, finally pleading to Luffy for his help in defeating Arlong. Luffy then agrees and gives her his hat to Nami symbolizing that he will return once the job is done. Luffy and the crew then go to Arlong Park.

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