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Review, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet (2021)

The Scarlet Bullet (Meitantei Konan: Hiiro no Dangan) is the title for the 24th movie of anime series Detective Conan following ‘The Fist of Blue Sapphire’ that was released in 2019. This movie was supposedly released in 2020, but delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Scarlet Bullet also become the first Detective Conan movie in the Reiwa Period.

This movie is quite unique because it is also indirectly and softly promoting Tokyo Olympic 2021. The movie is centered during a global sporting tournament called WSG (World Sport Games), which Tokyo become the host of the global event.

During the series of events that lead to the opening of WSG, some of the people who sponsored WSG are kidnapped but yet they are found soon after. Then it is known that the same thing happened 15 years ago during WSG in the USA.

One of those who are kidnapped is Sonoko’s father, and the last person to be kidnapped is Allan McKenzie, the chairman of WSG and former head of FBI. Later on, Conan and Sera find Allan at the supper-speed bullet train namely Japanese Bullet.

The background element makes this movie relate with current situation that Tokyo, both in the Detective Conan world and in real life, is hosting a global sporting event. The premise makes the movie more relatable.

Just like any other Detective Conan movies, this one also presents some additional characters from the anime and manga. This is the first time that whole family of Akai appear and solving the case together.

The story is quite intense, the action from Akai’s family members also gives more intensity to this movie, and during the final act there are a lot of almost-revelations moments that give us a lot of wondering thought, for example is when Sera asked Conan about his true identity after seeing his action in front of her eyes.

Another moment is when Mary, suddenly appear at Shuichi’s car and threatening him without knowing his true identity. These moments show the continuity relation with the story in manga and anime, which usually is not used in previous movies.

The final act shows us a good partnership between Sera and Conan which might be used for future story to develop the character relationship more about these two, especially in the anima and manga. This movie really tease fan in a lot of ways about the future story of Detective Conan.

Beside the intensity, this movie also shows better animation quality compare to the previous one, and the story is also well-written. It can be said that The Scarlet Bullet is the best Detective Conan’s movie in the last 5 years.

Our Score (8/10)

Title                       : Detective Conan – The Scarlet Bullet
Production            : TMS / V1 Studio
Director                 : Chika Nagaoka
Written by             : Takeharu Sakurai

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