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Why is Review Needed?

Today it is very easy to find out about general reactions from people about certain events or products. Google is very helpful with everything. From status updates until trending topics, from blog posts until critics’ reviews.

Almost every cultural product and art works have their own reviews, including movies. From netizens, bloggers, journalists, until critics. From one line comments until full post reviews.

Debates between fans and critics often happen, usually because of bad reviews. Of course, fans can’t accept bad reviews about their favorite things. For example is the disagreement between them was on Suicide Squad bad rating on rottentomatoes. (If you’re curious just find it on google. Life is quite easy, isn’t it?)

So despite the disagreement between fans and critics, a review is necessary. Why is it needed?

First of all because it is fun to do. I personally really enjoy making some reviews, especially movie reviews. Yeah, it excites me to tell my opinion about certain movies. People also need to know which product they should spend their money on. Remember, don’t waste a dime of your peny on trashy products.

A film could have many unintended themes or shots that could be discussed and analyzed. Reviews can make readers understand more about the reason why a scene was shot or what the social, personal and political ideas are behind a film. Basically reviews can give us a better understanding and appreciation of the film.

Keep in mind that what you think about the movie is not really why some scenes were made. But that doesn’t make your points or understanding less valid than other’s. It still helps to keep perspective and also helps the movie crew in many ways, the most obvious is feedback.

Sometimes huge differences exist between directorial intention and audience’s interpretation. But both of them can become sources for better understanding of a text or sub-text. Therefore, a deep-analysis can become a great help for either better understanding or better feedback.

Another reason is because art is a form of communication which includes some messages. It definitely has something to say, even if it’s just the author’s feeling or inner anxiety.

Despite of its importance, review also can make things more complicated. It can make people think more or anything which make them burdened. It’s really okay to simply enjoy art for what it is, it is a definitely a legit way to enjoy art.

On the other hand, some people want to understand the reason behind creation, behind some dialogues, or behind whatever important that can be specifically related to audience’s life. Even just to fulfill a simple reason like curiosity, reviews are important.



Oleh : Putu Radar Bahurekso
t : @puturadar | ig : putu.radar


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